Vacation Ideas Under A Budget

If you’re on a tight budget but still have time on your hands and need to get out there, here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your vacation under a budget. You can always opt for a “staycation” and cut back on expenditure such as air travel. There are several activities you could do and enjoy even under a budget!


Camping is an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of your city life. This is a not so costly and excellent outdoor activity that you could do with your close friends and family! There are several quiet areas that allow campers to stay. Be it within the woods or close to a lake, camping is not only fun but also beneficial to your health. It’s always good to get a few days of fresh air and catch up with your friends!

Visit the beach

Taking a trip to beach to get a little tan is also an excellent idea for a vacation! Hitting the beach and catching the sun is ideal for those who stay indoors most of the time. Surrounding the beach, you have places that allow boat rental HK for a small cost that will allow you to take the maximum out of your sea time! By visiting the beach, you can always give a go at surfing and swimming, learning new things.


Hiking is another idea way of a having a “staycation”, if you love backpacking then hiking is the ideal choice for you. Hiking benefits not only your health and body, but also your mind. Hiking with friends and family will improve your bond and also your physical well-being. Pack a picnic and start walking!

Sea travel

You could go on a small and inexpensive yacht cruise as a small vacation. There are several packages suiting various budgets. This experience is ideal for those who love the sea and want to spend a few days at sea and breathe in the fresh sea air!

Explore your city

You may have lived your entire life at your home town, but there may be so many unseen and unexplored places right around the corner! Pack a bag and get out there. Get lost a few times or relive your childhood memories by visiting your favourite places in your city. It’s always fun to go down memory lane.

There are a few “staycation” ideas for those under a budget, others would be going to watch a movie, going shopping or even boding time with your family. Make the maximum out of your free time and start discovering!